Whiskey tango foxtrot: Xcode permits the ObjC swap to disengage

This occurred.

Perhaps you suppose I'm about to snap Swift (and consider me, there's a Swift jab ready for me to be born), however that's the second test field that blew up my thoughts.



Who thought it was a good suggestion? I’ve by no means been a fan of left-aligned circumstances in Swift, regardless that I undertake it as a regular. However in Goal-Freaking-C? As a regular Apple flip-flop in Xcode? No! 3 times no! The choice permitting this selection is dangerous for Swift and worse for Goal-C.

Why does this selection exist and why is it out there in each languages? As Joe Groff stated, it will be higher if "laziness naturally leads everybody to decide on the default setting", for the reason that characteristic was expressed in Xcode. Or higher but, file bug stories for the broken characteristic.

Every default language displays years (and a long time) of language model consensus:

Swift: keyword-aligned.
Goal-C: "scope" -aligned.

This new selection of preferences is insanity.

Inform me about right here, associates.